Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The ideas are a Brewing

So now I need to design and make a mini-quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap, and there's only a month to do it in. I tend to work my best in the "near term", and am most inspired for fast paced projects. This is just my style.

I came across this website of mini quilts today and I love them. They are awesome! I know I cannot make something quite like these, but I plan to adapt the concepts somewhat.


I have pulled out many of my blue scraps and I am assembling a quilt background that I hope to look like ocean. From there, I'm not entirely certain what will be on it. Possibly fish, possibly sea-greens...the details will be determined in the future.

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Kathy said...

Margaret, This sounds like fun. I appreciate you posting the link to the great little quilts. They are beautiful!

My quilting group is challenging each other to make a small quilt each month to reflect the theme of the month. This site is great inspiration.