Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild & Whacky

It is definitely "Out There!"

This border is bold and expressive, and I hope (fingers crossed) that the next recipient is able to do an effective 2nd border that the final recipient of the quilt will like.

Here's the block with border on 3 sides:

And here is the block with all four sides of the border completed. I am very pleased with how the curves pieced together and the row of diamonds in the turquoise. I did initially think that would be a nightmare, but also fully believed that it would be a key to pulling off this concept of a design. I plan to go back and take out one piece of the brown squares and try to better match the squares (see lower left corner of block). The fact that the 2 pieces of patterned brown do not match on the pattern drives me crazy!...I am pleased with the colors. Sometimes the softer green I am less sure of, but that is life. I found a small piece of the pale aqua that Carol used in my stash to utilize in my border to make it more cohesive. Also, I wonder if the dark brown inner border that I added might have been better done in a softer color?...

Should I put another narrow border around the entire block, or leave that for the next person?

Any suggestions for what fabric to send with the block to the next quilter to use on the 2nd border??

BTW - I have loved and appreciated all of the comments that people have left as I started on this wild & whacky border, so now that I am finished, what do you think?

I am torn. I have seen people's comments on what fabric they think I should forward to the next person. The orange is good. The deep green is good. My inclination is the brown with squares. Why? It carries forward a key design element and a color that is in the center of the block. The person doing the next border can always coordinate a shade of orange. I don't know; this inclination may change before I actually mail the block!


Janice said...

I think the dark brown is ok as it helps make the centre block look as if it is sitting on top of a complete square with just the border part showing. I'd add a narrow border because you really want it to be there and the next person might not do it! And I think the mid green that you've used in the little diamonds would be a good colour to send on with it.

Well, you asked :-)

floribunda said...

I vote for the blue dots as your send-along fabric! and I would send "as is" without doing another narrow border -- because you can't control everything...

floribunda said...

hmm - blogger is not letting me comment tonight. is 3rd time the charm?

I vote for the blue dots as your send-along fabric. And I would send it "as is" instead of adding another strip, because you can't control everything!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Yes I think you should add a narrow border .. perhaps that same dark brown that you added to the center block? I would vote to send the rusty-orange color. But that's just me. I can't wait to see how it turns out. :-)

You're very quick! I'm still thinking of what to do for my first border.

Wendy said...

Wow! What a fantastic border. I would be thrilled with something like this. Great job!

I think I would probably add the brown border, just to finish it off and give the next quilter a good starting point. Not sure which fabric to send along, I like them all!

Kate North said...

Personally, I would send one of the patterned fabrics - either the brown squares or the dots, probably. As you say, the others could be matched from the other person's stash, no doubt.

I love the pieced diamonds - trying to work out how you did them.

Anyway, it looks graet.