Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally Up on the Walls

Here's the Strips-n-Curves quilt I made last winter, and finished quilting this past fall. I just love the way the colors move. Plus it coordinated with my living room so well, I hung it downstairs. BTW...we have 2 deep purple chairs in the room to pull out the plum shades of the quilt.
A close up to show the hand quilting (and the residual chalk pencil marks!...)
I love the batik dots that I found in my stast to use in this project.
Here's the Fall quilt I gor from Luisa, although I mistakenly hung it upside down! That's part of our newly painted hallway.
And the other hall wall shows the spring quilt I made and the Winter quilt I received from Maria. I have more of the upstairs awaiting the swap quilts from the Spring session of the 4-Seasons Quilt Swap and the Spring Fling Round Robin, and the others I have started and vowed to finish before I die!


Shelina said...

These are all beautiful. The first one with the curves is just fabulous!

Kathy said...

Awesome quilts. I LOVE the one with the curves -- very nice.

You are have tagged -- weird and wacky -- LOL!!!! Go to my blog for details.

LuĂ­sa Silva said...

I very honoured you put the quilt I made for you on your wall.
They are all beautiful and it is a very smart decoration.

Mom said...

where else would I put it???! It's lovely and I am thrilled to hang it in my home.