Thursday, March 20, 2008

Classical or Rock-n-Roll?

I started this last year, and dug it out a month ago to actually sew the appliques. I have played guitar as a child and as an adult, as has my husband. Unfortunately, I ditched it back in grade school for the flute, which I played regularly until a few years ago. We both have acoustic guitars. In fact, he bought me one for Christmas our first Christmas together (I was taking lessons then). I don't play often anymore, and even when I was taking lessons, I was nowhere as good as I was when I was 10. The mind of a child is so absorptive! Last year we bought our oldest (almost 6) a kid's acoustic guitar, as he was really into guitars then (making them from blocks, sticks, etc - anything). If he continues his love of guitars, this may be his one day.

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Janey said...

Wow that is so neat. Very creative.