Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring is nowhere in Sight outside

Yea...It's Saturday & I don't have to juggle working, mommy, 3 kids AND snowblowing 10" of snow. I don't care if he is sick; this is MAN's work! ...and the neighborhood had plenty of working men yesterday.

Despite how it looked outside, in between an unusually heavy working period with my 2 classes (Statics & Dynamics- do I hear an "Ew..."?), I have been making headway on my 4-Seasons Quilt Swap mini quilt. It's actually further along than this; I'm building the suspense.

I love how it is turning out. It will definitely be the hardest of the 3 I have done to give away. It is 100% done by hand, needle-turn applique. So far I have put about 30 hours into it. I ordered some lavendar and pale green quilt thread because I think I'll be close to ready to hand quilt next week. I sure wish there was somewhere around here that sold colored hand quilting thread in more than 3 colors. So who's this for, you wonder??? You'll have to wait and see. As head swap Mama, I am omnipotent. I can select the fates of all quilters.... (do you smell the witch's brew cooking...he he). Naw...I chose a partner for myself that is a creative, talented and spirited quilter. That describes too many of you, I know. She is whimsical, yet still somewhat traditional. She is mindful of small details. She puts good thought into her sewing, and wanted a partner that would do the same. I still sounds like most of you. If you want more, you'll have to wait a while...

So is the burning question in your minds, "Where's she gonna use those tea leaf blocks?"... wait and see (grin).


Janey said...

That looks so pretty. I hope your partner will appreciate all your hard work.

Unknown said...

This looks so pretty and I recognized myself in the description, or not?! LOL Take care.