Thursday, February 28, 2008

4-Seasons Spring Quilt

You have seen the Spring quilt I made for myself in the many scrappy shades of green, lavendar and purple that I have (tea leaves). I prepared a bunch more of those tea leave flowers, in preparation for the 4-Seasons Spring swap quilt, but after doing so I am contemplating a different approach. I have selected a partner that is crafty, and whimsical. She is a talented quilter and very creative. (I know, I know...that describes most all of my readers!) So here's a sneak preview to what I am making.

I LOVE green. All shades of green, but especially the more lime shades which are perfect for spring. I also have an equal amount of purple & lavendar shades that will also be incorporated.
There will be some of these tea leaf flowers, but the quilt will most definitely NOT have these as it's focus, as my SPRING quilt does. It will be far more whimsical and imaginative...less traditional, but still very lovely (I can say that because it is quite far along in it's construction; I'm just not going to show a picture of it just yet...let the suspense build).
So what exactly is my inspiration for this mini-quilt???
I was given this metal Hallmark tree years ago. It's basically kind of ugly, and was intended to have these little mini-frames hung onto it - with family pictures in them. It's the "family tree". Despite it's ugly factor, I kinda like it, and it sits atop my bedroom dresser. My bedroon, incidentally, has about 20 black & white and sepia-tone old family photographs, dating back to the late 1800's. It fit's my decor. I saw it one day a week ago, and knew it was my quilt's inspiration. It has Spring written all over it. It has the whimsical swirls and nice shape. Now...if only I can appropriatly utilize this concept for a quilt!

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est said...

i'm sure you can make a lovely 'spring-tree' quilt .. as always :)