Saturday, February 16, 2008

MY Spring Mini

The tea-leaf quiltlet is coming along. I practiced my machine quilting on a Project Linus quilt this week, which incidently did not turn out too great. It had this ultra-thick poly batting, which I personally hate to work with. If it had not been free, and that I have 5 yards of it, I'd have used something else. Anywho, what I did on this spring quilt looks considerably better. The practice did help. It's a more manageable size for my machine and the batting is a thin cotton. I think it is not perfect, but decent. It's done with a lime green thread, but I hung the quilt in a window, so it looks overly pearlescent in the pictures.

My appliqued border is not completed, but you can get the idea.

closer up view...
and for effect, a view in a window from the back side...

Now if only spring could actually come. Here's what my front yard looks like still (snow up to my nearly 6 year old's shoulders)

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Janey said...

Wow that looks so beautiful. One idea for that batting you hate is to use it to stuff pillows or other stuffable projects. That way you won't feel like it's going to waste.