Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Become Intrigued!

After a horrible last 2 days, I just needed to sew. I NEEDED TO!

My boys have been gone to my mother's since Sunday so that I could allegedly paint our upstairs hallway & stairway and in one of my son's bedroom. Now our hallway is no small space. It's got 7 doorframes to paint around, plus the stairwell is 16 feet tall. I went great guns on Sunday morning with paint I had leftover from when I painted the living room 3 years ago. Seemed a little odd that there was 2/3 of a can left in it, but not enough for me to think too seriously about it. Now as an aside...we have a few other rooms painted in shades of green - my bathroom is pale sage, the kitchen is a deep forest (which was originally a slightly different shade, but was changed when I didn't like it), and the living room is also sage. Therein lies the problem! Too many options at the paint shelves. I painted 2 of the 16 ft walls, hoping that the paint would just dry a little lighter and match where it ties into the living room. WHen it dried, it was about 20 shades darker. UGH! My want to give up was kicking in. I moved onto my son's bedroom. That was simpler and how could I mess up tan?

Later on, I went to Home Depot and got a can of the right color and tested it. It appeared to be good. Phew...After Sophie went to sleep I cut in around the trim. The next morning, in between taking her to the doctor and the ER, I rolled these walls. It all seemed kosher so far, looking much better than the mistake-dark green. After she went to bed, I worked a little more. In my attempt to get as much paint out of my roller as possible, I rolled over a few (shall I say 3 at least) walls in the living room that were looking a little dingy. Again, it seemed logical.

Upon waking this morning (just before I pulled out my hair and wanted to scream!), I noticed that the paint is a touch lighter. It's not enough to tell in the hallway, but in the living room, atop the existing sage paint, it looks all splotchy. Could be because I only bought a quart of new paint and not a gallon. Who knows. My day has also been taxing because of Sophie being very fussy. The med she is on (prednisolone) makes her dizzy, fussy and a little angry. I have to follow her around to make sure she doesnt bump into things.

Consequently, I have just lost my will to fix the mess. The hallway has a 16 ft ladder still up, dropclothes around, paint cans, etc. I have gotten about 90% of the stairwell done and 25% of the hall done. So what does one do in this predicament???

Start a new sewing project. That's right. Don't bother finishing the 16 I have started. A new one!

So if you are intrigued about where this is going, good. That was my goal. It is for the Spring Fling round robin. The block is NOT completed. A key design element is not yet on it. And incase you are wondering, it is not going to be a peacock!


Janey said...

Oh you poor thing, you sound like you too are on Mommy overload. I like the start of your spring block. I have already started thinking of ideas but of course need to see what my partner will want. Hope your painting dilema gets squared away quickly.

floribunda said...

the last few years I've tried three different "professional" interior painters just to avoid the kinds of situations you described... but they've all been disappointing -- thankfully there's nothing that really needs painting again for a few more years!
Hope your daughter feels better soon.