Monday, February 11, 2008

Week of Good Progress & Goodies

I made good progress completing projects last week. Coupled with only spending 15 cents in a quilt shop, that's a good feat. Afterall, I needed just a couple inches of a particular color fabric. I have completed the top and bottom of my son's train quilt. I will post a picture soon. I have also made tremendous progress on my tea-leaf springy mini quilt. soon!

This gorgeous treat arrived today. I was awaiting it for a few weeks now - It's my 4-Seasons winter quilt. The pictures posted of it pale in comparison to the real thing. The machine quilting is amazing. Simply beautiful (as are the little goodies that Maria included with it).

On a different subject...
I have kicked of another internet quilt swap. No, it's not the spring instalment of the 4-Seasons. It is a Round Robin. If you are interested, please check it out! Signups are right now.

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