Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pictures of Progress

My first completed knitting project. Actually I have knitted all my life, here and there. I remember starting a couple of sweaters, but this was the first I remember actually finishing. And it fits her too! It's made with Bernat Cottontots yarn, size 2/3US needles. I plan to type up the pattern soon. I bought 3-3.5oz balls, and have 3oz left (measured with our kitchen scale!).

Here's the 12"x12" assembly of the tea blocks I showed a few days ago, upsidedown & sideways. The color is off a little, as it transgresses upwards to a nice light apple/kiwi color. I haven't decided if I will do one similar to this for the swap, but it is possible, and will certainly utilize many of these same fabrics. Many are leftover from this quilt I made last year, and have once again started hand quilting (again). What can I say, I love purples & greens, and especially when they are together.

I am looking for a tip on fabric markers. Does anybody have any experience? I want to make something that has children (6 year olds) using them so they need to be easy to use & robust. Looking for a tip on where to buy them and what kind. thanks

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Janey said...

I love the sweater so great that it fits her too. The wall hanging is very pretty too there's something about purples and greens so fantastic. I've worked with fabric markers but didn't really like them but I have had luck using crayons and then you set them with placing a paper towel over the image and ironing. I usually have freezer paper on the back until the image is set.Good Luck.