Saturday, March 29, 2008

Laboring at the Sewing Machine

Six years ago today I was blissfully sitting on a birthing ball, happily and anxiously awaiting the birth of my first child. He was born late at night on the 29th after what was really a very short 6-7 hour labor. I had planned to take the day off from sewing today and take the little monster out to the sledding hill and to McD's for lunch (get that cheese burger fix), but his father really wanted to take him skiing for the 1st time instead. So, somewhat sadly I allowed him to go. All the while, all I could really do is think how much I worked 6 years ago today, and I ought to be the one taking him off somewhere! But, it has left me with at nice 2 hour window to sew while my other monsters (oops, I mean monkeys) napped.

I did start on the back ground of one of the swap quilts today. I have once again dug into my large blue stash. I'm not much of a blue user, so it feels good to rid the stash of some of this. I ordered a fair bit of fabric this week (I know, shame on ME!!) - it is from Ebay and is largely Kaffe Fasset, which I LOVE!! I also did a little shopping at Borders this morning, picking up one of the Civil War Quilt Diary books. I don't really like Civil War prints much, but I do like the book and the patterns, perhaps done with a more modern approach.

More pictures of Lucky & other projects soon (hubby took the camera skiing!)


jovaliquilts said...

Hello - I just signed up for Toni's swap, too, so I'm looking at other swapper's blogs. Love your turtle!

Happy birthday to your son! (Today's my DH's birthday, too.) Enjoy, time will fly. My baby turns 21 soon.

katelnorth said...

I joined Toni's swap, too, having missed out on the doll quilt III - looks like it will be fun.

Oh, and just in case you hadn't planned to visit, you might like to drop by my blog today :)