Monday, March 17, 2008

My Yo-yo's & Sneak Peek

So here are my yo-yo's. It took me 5 attempts to get three of them that are approximately the same size. They are not perfect, but I hope the recipient of this is not a yo-yo perfectioniste! They do complete the tea-leaf flowers nicely.

This may be the last sneak peek I post of my spring quilt until it is received by it's new owner. The mere thought of packaging this up for the mailman makes me sad. I absolutely love it, and know I will probably never make one just like it for myself. It is 95% done by hand. I only used my machine to sew the 16 tea-leaf blocks together and to stitch on the binding. The leaves are and tree and top portion of the quilt are all hand appliqued. The quilting is all done by hand in shades of lavendar and green. I hope my partner loves it. Except for a label and a few small details, it is completed. I can't say the same for the other 3 projects I started last week!


Valerie said...

Wow. That is beautiful. All of that time and effort really paid off because it is stunning! I'm sure the recipient will cherish it.

I think I have a long way to go in my quilting skills before I make something quite that impressive. :)

janice said...

Yes, it truly is beautiful - anyone would be thrilled to get that. And for someone who only does binding by hand all that handwork would be doubly appreciated.

Tami said...

Wow! That's absolutely gorgeous! And absolutely perfect for Springtime. :-)