Monday, March 03, 2008

A new book & a flood of old Memories

I am usually not a big purchaser of quilt books. I like to think that I will get inspiration for quilts on my own. I occasionally have watched quilting shows, and take notes on the patterns I like. I also surf the internet, looking for patterns and designs I like. I have a couple of books I love to read and re-read (quilt books made after the Quiltmaker's Gift children's books). These are devine! Today I ordered a new one that I hope I like.
Mostly I think I was drawn to this because it reminds me of her. Teresa was one of my very best friends in high school. She was brave and spirited, and was a ton of fun. And I miss her a lot. Two years ago, at the age of 39, she died of bone cancer. The breast cancer she was diagnosed with in 2002, and allegedly cured of a year later had metasticized to the bone. Her last 6 month fight was sad, rough and very public. She had a blog that she updated regularly, until she was too sick to do it, and her husband did it. This is a nasty disease that I wish onto nobody. Perhaps the book will provide more than just some good quilt designs. Hope for many...

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