Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sneak Peek

I saw on the Spring Fling Round Robin blog this morning that Carol has sent her 8" block. What is not known by anybody but me, the swap coordinator, is that this block is coming my way, hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday. This was exciting and scarry all at the same time. You see, this blog is very different from what I make in many ways. It is a heavily geometric pattern. Not that I shy away from the more geometric quilts, but this is even "edgier" (for a lack of better words) than what I do. It is also made of colors I usually avoid: Brown & Blue. I was so hoping to see red or purple or green; I have shelves of these colors and a great propensity towards them. But turquiose & brown??? I have only shards of scraps in these colors, and Lord only knows how old thay are. Oh boy, I have a job ahead of me!

So, the hubby and boys took off for a hockey game this afternoon, accidentally awakening the little princess as they departed. So...I took advantage of the easy shopping window and took off to Joann's. I'd much rather go to a more chic quilt shoppe, but what's a gal to do on a Sunday? I swore not to increase my fabric stash this year, but OMG, they actually had some very nice and NEW fabrics. I might grow to like turquoise & brown, eventually. Take a look...

There's 16 small (4-6") pieces of different fabrics, totalling 2-1/2 yards. I am pretty sure that the turquoise on the bottom left stack is the one Carol used in her block. What I do not know is what fabric she is forwarding to me.

After looking at the block Carol is sending, I sat down to design an unconventional 2.5" border. My goals were: broaden the depth of the colors (more tones within the given tones that she used), soften the colors (I find the stark difference in the turquoise & brown to be harsh), and soften the design while utilizing & coordinating my style with that of the block. Here is what I drew up...keep in mind that the colors I colored on the sketch are totally up in the air still too. It is remainiscent of Georgia O'Keefe. I wish I could quilt this one; I have shuch great ideas.


Luckybear said...

Carol is lucky that you are the next quilter "up". I love her block, but was really hoping it wasn't headed my way. It's a challenge, but one you are clearly ready for.


Liz said...

That border is amazing. I love the mix of fabrics you have used.