Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two-year old Dress Models...

...are very cute. They are a bit ineffective at actually modeling their dress, but that will come with years I think!

Here's Sophie "showing" me the smocked dress I made for this Christmas. I know it's not really holiday-ish at all, but it is a beautiful colored ballerina fabric, and the color has always been a favorite of mine for her to wear.

Mom: "Sophie, smile"
Sophie: ok, she lays down and faces the other direction. The fat fluffy cat is smiling.
Mom: "Peek a boo"
Ok, this actually got Sophie to at least look my way. The lighting wasn't so good though.
She's forever got that crazy sippy-cup in pictures!...
...showing us thos nasty ballerina-like feet that refuse to do anything but walk on her toes. If we weren't still in club-foot recovery, it might actually be endearing and cute. ...

Ah...alas, my sweet princess does look my way. No smiles, but a very sweet glance. My only regret with the dress is that I didn't leave another inch on the sleeve length. She'll need that next spring. The remainder of the dress fits her like a glove. Pretty amazing since I didn't really do any fittings short of making a quickie bodice sizer from muslin.
And here's the back, with a nice large bow.
I am delighted; it looks amazing on her. Even better yet, she loves it too.


Trish said...

Beautiful dress and a beautiful little girl. I remember when I made dresses for my little they're both teenagers and I just hand over the credit card .... (sigh)

ginger said...

That turned out just darling!

jovaliquilts said...

What a precious dress for your sweet girl! And I don't think holiday dresses have to be specific to the holiday. This will look great at any fancy occasion.