Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little weekend fun

I spent my sewing time this weekend puttering in my scrap bags. After cleaning up my sewing space, I realized how overflowing each color bag was, so I endeavored to reduce that a little. I did squares like this from 4 of my bags: red, green, yellow, and purple. I feel like I hardly made a dent!
I need more white before I can do much more, but the yellow and purple got bordered in another color...
Here's a closeup of the sashing and background fabric. It's so fun! I got 6 yards of this for free from the last Linus Blanket event. So girly and fun to play with brightly colored blocks. Some preteen will love it.
And a quick glimpse at the 20+ yards of new stuff that came my way this weekend (minus the reds, pinks and purples that are up at the washing machine - that's probably a third of the loot too!). Many of them are SouthSea Imports and RJR. It all feels so smooth - love to dream up some new projects now.
First things first...kid #1 to school, and two birthday blocks for next month that need designing.


Janey said...

OOOOH I love them. Did you use a pattern or just wing it?

black bear cabin said...

wow...what a score of fabric...pretty! and i LOVE that shopping girl fabric...what a cute quilt!