Sunday, October 05, 2008

I am...

...making sweet rows of double pleats in a pretty dress.
...adding a collar and vintage hemstitching to the dress

...whipping (ha took 12 hours to get my cuts and seams correct!) up a wedding gift.
...practicing free-handed feathers and "water" quilting

...falling in love with my new King Tut threads (not the metallic one, but even that did not sew badly as I expected)

...adding finishing touches on my October Birthday block swap blocks.
...laughing that anyone really will appreciate my turkeys and crows! is supposed to depict November....wishing I could actually finish this table runner, started this time last year. Soon I promise!
...and wishing I could show this quilt, which is for my ALQS partner. This is a glimpse of my snow.
In addition, I have 2 mini's awaiting binding to be hand sewn, two dresses in need of much handwork and hemming. I can happily say that I added a 2nd border to my spring Fling Round Robin square, and it is all ready to be mailed to a secret person for quilt finishing. It's a spicy little number...I hope the final owner likes salsa, because that is what the color and desogn of this quilt remind me of. And lastly, I did actually receive my Booty quilt yesterday from Bernadette of Australia. I will post this with pictures later this week. She's a very skilled machine quilter. Makes me drool, and retreat promptly to my machine to practice!


Anonymous said...

Your quilting is gorgeous! By the way, those turkey are cute!

TX Blu Sky said...

I love this blog! Your work is beautiful. I'm very fond of the turkeys (they will be mine) and love the gold embroidery. Can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing your blog, I'll be back to see more and often! Diane