Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy, But little to Show For It...

Despite not having many pictures of any quilty progress, I have actually been rather productive. I have done the finish serging of seams on a couple dresses I am making. They are done now. I have also added a border onto a round robin square. That took the majority of my weekend as it is heavy on the hand applique. I have also been making squares out of solely my scrap bags. These will be pieced together into playful Project Linus quilts. Today, I did about 14 6.5" scrappy squares. I sound slow, but they take time to trim seams, press, find the right size scrap, etc...repeat! Oddly, I dont think I have made even a dent in the scrap bags :-)

Here's my other project in the works...Two more pretty dresses. They are not complete, as I intend to add some embroidery detailing. Now, I need to actually finalize the quilt's design before going much further. I am leaning towards making the quilt's top be all squares (18 in all) that are different style and color dresses. THey will be bordered with 1-1.5" borders, and sashed with a sashing to look like ribbons & bows (stay tuned to see this!...it is on paper right now).

Both the dark green and the pink ribbons above were actually fabrics that I bought to make Sophie dresses, and then did not, so these are very sweet to me. No doubt, the quilt will be way more nostalgic to me than to her anyways (she'd probably rather have tractors and pirates on the bed, thanks to having two tractor-pirate loving brothers!)
Keep a lookout in your mailbox. I sent out my ALQS quilt a few days ago. If you see this...it's from me.

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Rhonda said...

I love you dress blocks. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Great job! Take care.