Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Broken Heart Block Linus Quilt

I have used 15 of the Broken Heart blocks (from quilter's cache) that were sent to me from Kate's birthday block swap to make this quilt. It is about 40" x 60" and will be donated to Project Linus next weekend. This was supposed to have at least another 5 blocks to make it larger for an older kiddo, but unfortunately I only had another 3-4 blocks that were the proper size. Seems I made a goof (curses on me!) when I wrote piecing instructions for those that don't like to paper piece. I actually have another 4 blocks done by people that just look differently because of this mistake. I will have to design something else with sashing to be able to utilize these (and all of the many misfits of various sizes I also got). It would appear that this block DID indeed challenge people to be able to get the proper 10.5" size. My appologies... :-(

I had a harder time too than anticipated sewing these together. They were all made by different people, and seams were pressed differently. I did not anticipate not being able to easily get smooth seams and joints.
The end result is actually very fetching; I like it alot. All blocks are made from various 1930's repros, as I thought they'd be fun and playful for the children. It's in red and yellow so that it is fairly gender neutral too. I wanted to do free motion quilting but mistakenly took advantage of some free batting (which I thought was thinner than it really was). In the end, I was only able to straight-line (or sort of!) quilt in the ditch.
Here's a quick look at the back.

I will no doubt find a good and charitable use for the remaining blocks. Nobody should feel at all guilty! Many thanks to the great ladies in this block swap for their lovely blocks!!


Vicki W said...

Wht an adorable quilt and a very happy one to be a Linus quilt!

floribunda said...

I definitely have been there with the various sizes that swap blocks turn out to be -- but your finished quilt is very sweet! I'm going to have to make one of those blocks just to see if I can do it...

Lisa said...

That looks better then I could have ever imagined. I'm so glad you were able to make proper use of some of the blocks. Congrats on a great little quilt.