Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Olivia's Holiday

I am entering this Olivia quilt in my chapter of Project Linus's 3rd Book Blanket Challenge next weekend. We select a child's book, and make a book to compliment it. My book is Olivia and The Missing Toy. In retrospect, I guess I should have selected the Olivia Christmas book, but the fabrics came after I had the book, and I got the four panels for nearly a steal - I could hardly refuse them. They are stocking panels which I cut up into rectangles.
It's insanely simple in design, just some framed rectangles. For that reason, I decided to do the appliqued center pig silhouette - to give it all some pizazz. The pig is from black metallic Fairy Frost that was too shimmery for the intended project. Seems I often mistake the metallic for non-metallic when ordering that stuff.
I added the green bows on Olivia's ears at the end - she often has bows in the books. The red, white and black fabrics are very busy and were really hard to quilt. I could not see my threads at all. Good and bad I guess.
Not sure how well it shows in the picture, but I added the green row of Candlelight Yarn on the 4 panel blocks. It's a YLI product that I saw used several times at MQX (and in a much better way than I did it here!) - you sew it from the back side, using this stuff in the bobbin. I just did this on my singer, but good longarmers do it there too.
I think that the quilt turned out pretty cute, and the quilting is decent for a very quick job. It's a bit over-the-top for this quilt show, which usually generates simpler quilts, and often tied quilts. But, then!
Here's a peek at the quilt I did 3 years ago (and here for closeups), and the one from 2 years ago (and again) (no show last year)...I won both of those. You could say I going for number 3.


Ivory Spring said...


Your Olivia quilt is adorable. I love the bows on Olivia! :)

Rana said...

Very cute Olivia quilt--love the bows! BTW, the Hibiscus quilt next to 'Primavera' is mine--it was fun to see it on your blog, inadvertently! Seemed like most people got yellow ribbons this year, oh well. I would have gone up two colors for Primavera if I were a judge--that quilt sparkled.