Friday, July 30, 2010

Intentionally Evasive

My mother emailed to tell me that my aunt had been to the Maine Quilt Show today. She said she knew something about my quilts. I kind of figured that meant that they probably had a ribbon. I asked her to elaborate. And all I know now is that there are 2 for this quilt and this one. Right now I could wring her neck for not telling me more, knowing I cannot go to see the quilts until mid-day Sunday! Part of me wants to preserve that surprise, assuming it is a surprise I will be tickled with.
The first quilt "Summer on the Beach" (the one that won a ribbon at MQX this year) I really don't think will do all that terrific. I'm not really looking forward to reading the judges comments because I know where it falls short. It was not quilted with the intention of going to a show. It was not pieced with the intention of being show-worthy. I never envisioned that it would actually be featured in not one, but two magazines this summer! It was sort of a whimsical decision the morning before I drove to Providence to go to MQX that I decided to enter it, and for it to be judged. It has some "just fudge it" piecing here and there. I've always been neurotic about my triangle points, but there's one row of 1" HST's that I decided really didn't matter that much! It's only destiny throughout the process of being made was to end up on my bed. And it will.

The second quilt is one I have yet to show finished pictures of here. Call it a jinx. Call it whatever. You can even say that I am just like my mother, being slightly evasive by only showing you a picture of the quilt's back!! I designed this one from the start to be this year's show quilt. I second guessed each thing I did on it from the appliques to every patch of quilting. I solicited guidance from MQResource on my quilting plan. Now, I have posted this quilt there, and many very nice people have given me kind words of praise for the quilt. Click on that link if you feel compelled to see before Sunday. I look at it this way. I started the applique mid-Fall 2009. I'd stitch on them as may Thermo students took tests. In January of this year, I scrambled to get the relatively detailed (in terms of applique) corners finished. I know that I have been longarm quilting for 10 months. I'd only consider the last 5-6 months within the window of skills required to quilt this quilt appropriately. To get a ribbon of any color for my first year of machine quilting is an amazing feat. I am proud, as I should be. I'd be lying, however, if I said I am not greedy in the particular color ribbon that I really want!

Greed. One of those so-called deadly sins. Or is it? Perhaps it is just the fuel that motivates each of us to be better at our trade.

Have a great weekend-

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Sherry said...

Cant wait to see what happens when you finally get to the quilt show. looking forward to hear your news.