Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hard to Photograph

Holy crap!...photographing these mottled fabrics is nearly as hard as decorating a Christmas tree with six extra hands (always grabbing at the glass ornaments like they are juggling balls). It should come as absolutely no surprise that they are hard to photograph, since they are equally as hard just to see to stitch on. I find that I am going over stitching lines with a marking pen just so I know where they are when I am stitching another section!

I have quilted about 16" of the quilt, with a section in that still undone. Indecision :-((() I have known that these fabrics are screaming for the gold metallic thread, but until today I had never done much with it mostly out of fear. It was a notorious pain on my home machine so I just assumed it'd be worse on the longarm. Despite the dense pebble/mosaic section being the most time consuming to piece, it quilted up rather quickly this afternoon, and in metallic thread too.

So far, my biggest regret is with my backing fabric/color. It is a brown adobe colored fabric. I got it because it was 108", and was an easy choice. I really wanted the black/charcoal fabric, but settled on brown instead. It's just not quite as pretty. Looks like a big dirt clump rather than granite. Live-n-learn. First instincts...

I'm at a point where I need to design those next 2 solid borders. Then I suspect it's time to go pray that the center medallion comes on relatively flat (ha!~).

Hope your weekend was good. I quilted for four and a half hours since the hubby took the kids shopping - mine was pretty good!

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Unknown said...

I think you took a very nice pic I can see a lot of the different colors and patterns. It is very pretty!!