Thursday, December 30, 2010

This-n-That & a Christmas Finish

My week has been fairly uneventful, bordering on kind of boring. Just the way I like it - no huge surprises unless you count the 12" of snow that arrived Sunday & Monday. My kids have all been home, driving me nuts some of the time, but the boys are off to my mom's tomorrow for 2 nights so I have lofty hopes of actually making some headway on a client's quilt.

This client is from Sacramento, CA and located me from my quilting of the Folsom Quilt & Fiber guild's raffle quilt. Photos of this quilt were recently uploaded to their site here. I started on this quilt yesterday, but have been severely lacking the creative mojo so I have been poking around with other things so as to minimize how much pickout I will have to do!

My Italian floor quilt, as you know, is off the frame and is undergoing some pick out and marking for a final quilting that will happen in a week or 2. You might think I love the seam ripper considering I have spent 8-10 hours this week picking out sections!

I'll leave you with pictures of a quilt I did for my mom. The fabric is a Stephanie Brandenburg panel. I just had fun with it, using nearly a dozen colors, and a variety of fillers.
The view from the back is my favorite!
Have a Happy New Year!


Renée's Country Crafts LLC said...

I have been searching for your blog for awhile, I forgot the name of it. I saw this beautiful quilt, and I had to click on it, very glad to see it was your blog. Everything you post, I absolutely love!
I wish I had your talent!

Annelise Pedersen said...

This quilt is georgeous! I wonder how it's possible to create such a beauty!

dq said...

you did an absolutely amazing job on it -- wow!

Petra said...

It is so great!Wow
So beautiful work. I love it!!
Best wishes from germany