Wednesday, December 01, 2010

More Design Doodling

I have been thinking about what to quilt at the center of the rosette. It is the center focal and needs to ground the eyes. I think I may have gotten a little carried away though, as this is only just under 6" in diameter! Plus, I think the center design looks a tad like a swastica -- not good.
I have tried to simplify it a little. It would all be done in dark charcoal thread so no green stitches would show. The pebbling is only to make the feathering pop. As long as I have templates of the right size, I'd likely even do a double line spine so that it shows that much more.
Or, is the simpler approach better. You know KISS it...Keep it Simple Stupid. Guess I better see what circles I have in my template box. Something tells me I have a 4" and a 6" and a few real tiny ones.

Keep thinking! Keep dreaming. Keep quilting.

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