Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesdays are Just For Me

OK, a few more peekeroos...

AHA, I finally devised a manner in which to take a few pictures so that there is visibility of the stitching. My clip lamp is low to the quilt and angled back at the area. Plus it is wet (sprayed to remove marking pen), which may make it easier to see. Not sure.
As I said before, these are AWFUL fabrics to quilt. I like my threads to blend, and because the fabrics are all mottled, the visibility is terrible. It's not so bad with the ruler work (which about 85% of the quilt is!), but those freehanded feathers are not nearly as cleanly stitched as they would be if I could see the threads!
I hope to actually claim being half done by end of tomorrow. I am just about ready to do the rosette. I just have a couple of small borders down each side and a couple cathedral windows to do first.
I am in the middle of a love-hate relationship. I don't usually get this technical unless they are for me. I have always said that I'd make my own worst customer. Perhaps that actually makes a better quilter for others. Who knows. Right now though, I question every section I stitch. Is that how I really want it to look? Is that really as good as I can sew those darn feathers? You catch my drift. I have committed to ripping out a section I did a few days ago - decided it wasn't my "vision" afterall, but mostly I am just hoping that this quilt is like most others, in that when it is off and I see it all out, laying flat, I will be pleased. After today's sewing, I am hopeful. I love the NYB sections, even if they did take 4 hours!
I am moving on slow this week, despite having all the time in the world (which I should be using to get things done that really need to be done!). My class finished last Friday, but except for the final exam, I am done until the kids are out next Wed. I threatened them that they'd be in trouble if anyone got sick and messed up "mama's week" (jokingly, ya know). It did happen last March when I had a week off from school, and one of the three was home with me every single day! What I never anticipated was that I'd be the one sick. Kinda sucks. I have a head cold, nothing major, but it is playing havoc with my ability to quilt all day! Guess I could have it worse (and well may next week if I pass this to anybody else!).

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Brita said...

Just wait till you're done -- you'll love it! I do. Can't wait to see it finished.