Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Mojo - edited

For those of you that love when you kids are on summer vacation, I think you are crazy. It is the time of year I dread most of all. Bickering, inability to do anything I need to do, etc. I got five times as much done the day before school got out than I did the week after they got out. I thought with my oldest at my mom's today might make the day easier, but my middle child is more than any mother ought to have to deal with. He's a constant handful, always into things, not the least bit trustworthy, and right now is quite defiant and sassy too. My daughter who will be 5 in August is usually well mannered and well behaved. They both lost all my trust this morning. THey were quietly playing up stairs, or so I thought. Bear in mind, my daughter is "all things girly". She loves her hair that has taken nearly 5 years to reach her upper back. We hate bangs - hate how they look, how they are always in people's eyes, hate the constant trimmings, so I never had her have them. I have not been able to get her to have so much as a trim of her hair to snip off the wispy baby-hair ends. And then I find this...

I'm just beside myself. Don't try to console me and tell me she'll look cute once it is properly cut. I have one daughter and I love that she wants to look like one. Now she's just a reminder of my ill-mannered sons. I'm mad, sad and angry today.



Yes, you are right. We have all done this. Even I did, many times. I have my 1st or 2nd grade school picture as a cruel reminder, complete with hacked up bangs down to the scalp. I have had a few hours to cool off, stop hollering at my son, realize that my daughter most definitely did have a hand in this event. Let's face it, she could have screamed or ran away and she didn't. We have been to get a haircut, or more likely a "hair sort of evening". It was SO much more hacked on one side that it was hard to just straighten out Bryce's handiwork. I am still mad. Nobody asked me if this was OK. If she came to me and asked for haircut, I'd have at least had the time to think about it and talk to her about it. I see this from a Mother's perspective. She's my baby, and now she no longer looks like a baby. I know she'll grow up. But I just wanted the time to process that fact before I no longer had my baby-face to look at ever again.

She is very cute.


Emma said...

Oh, no, how infuriating! I understand; Eleanor's hair is similarly fine and slow-growing, and it took ages to grow out the relatively small chunk she snipped about 18 months ago. I hope tomorrow is better.

Monica said...

And it's okay to feel sad and angry. I had very similar emotions with my son and scissors...but on more than one occassion.

When my son was growing up I could never trust him if scissors were in the vacinity. One time he snuck into my room and cut the cord off my alarm clock WHILE it was still plugged in. It didn't hurt him but it put a hole through the scissor blades. Another time he cut the leaves on a plant of my. One time he even cut little holes in the arm of my couch. And yes he's even cut his own hair.

Strlady said...

OMG! I would have him hung by his finger tips. I would be livid too. You know how they say that kids grow up so fast... you blink and they are grown... blink faster.
As to suggestions... go to a good stylist so that they can give her a bob. I would have them do a bob even if it's a bit uneven in the back. I would personally prefer to grow out an uneven corner than a pixie cut. Oh, and breath through it.

Rebecca said...

My youngest daughter did that when she was five, she wanted to look like her brothers..... and her hairs down to her butt. It will grow back. Take it with a grain of salt, they are only little once. She is soooooo cute!!!!

Don't be sad or mad, just give her a kiss and tell her to ask next time....lolol

BTW!! love your quilts!

Yvette said...

OMG! You know, I have a picture of myself at 5yrs old when I cut my own hair. I think it is just something kids do.

Lynette said...

I remember -oh so well- the day this happened with my 3 and 4 yos concurrently. And I remember -even more so well- the day 4 years later that the youngest did the same at 4 years old.

I did it, my cousin did it, my sister did it. I'm convinced it's a rite of passage for that general age!

~Michelle~ said...

oh no! Well, at least she'll have to deal with the consequences of her actions??? Maybe?

Ida from Central PA said...

I went from nearly waist length hair to a pixie [think Ellen DeGeneres]. I can understand the shock.

The consolation is that hair will grow.

Here's a few positives:
You won't have to mess with it nearly as much (tho, I understand the love to do such things!).

She will be cooler.

Use less shampoo/conditioner. :D

And, just keep repeating ... it will grow back .. it will grow back ... it WILL grow back. :) I assure you that it will. :)


pigbook1 said...

You can be angry even if we have all done it. It's frustrating, aggravating an while we recognize it isn't life or death, it is still bothersome. Take a break, a deep breath and hopefully it grows out quick

Linda said...

She looks so sweet in that photo! Just think some day you'll all have a good laugh about this incident. According to my mother...I cut my hair on a regular basis. Then when I finally learned that wasn't a good idea, I took to cutting all my Barbies' hair! :-)