Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Olympic Progress

For those of you in the northeast, you are painfully aware of how much snow we have gotten recently. February has been a doozy of a month, but in the last week alone, we have had 4 snow-storms totally a minumum of 6" per storm, and a max of nearly a foot a couple times.  My hard has snow chest high.  Despite it being 52F today (go figure!), this isn't going away anytime soon!  

It has also been my kids' vacation week...or else they'd probably have had another 2-3 snow days.  I have not been nearly as productive with the client work, as my studio is on another level of the house, but I have gotten through a few E2E's none the less.  I have been sucked into the productivity black hole called Sochi.

I am more or less a skating junkie, and this olympics is no exception.  With one of the NBC channels playing every one of the skaters (if you watch the competition live), it is hard to do regular work during the day and watch their meager evening offering of skating.  During the many breaks for judging, etc, I have been working on a couple of my things though.  

This is a wholecloth design I started over a year ago.  It had more to it, but I hacked it up, put it on point and then added some different divisional lines/quilting.  It will be stitched in colored thread (maybe not the colors here) on ivory silk.  Soon, I hope too...I bought the silk in Houston.  I just need to get the design enlarged, copied to the fabric and order some thread.
 (and as always, please do not try to copy or pin these photos, or I will just not share...I believe I have code in place to prohibit sharing, but I'm not sure if it works)
Ta-Da...All 25 of these blocks are now finished.  I played a little with the arrangement, but I think I like the orangier blocks in the center diamond.  Now, onto the next round for the blocks, which is the silk.  I fear how long this will take, but that's what this crazy job is all about!  Eye on the prize, I keep telling myself -- not really referring to the $$ but rather the creation of the finished project.  This is unlike anything I have ever seen at a show, and that alone is motivating.  It is all about being me, and making quilts my way.

Be You!  Hope your week is as lazy as mine (I do secretly kind of like not having to go anywhere!).


Emily G said...

I can't wait to see the whole cloth in progress! The colored thread will be stunning!

Jillaine Smith said...

Mm... why no pinning? If it wasn't for a pin on pininterest, I wouldn't have found you.

Jillaine Smith said...

Why no pinning? If it wasn't for a pin on pininterest, I wouldn't have found your blog.

Featheronawire Sally Bramald said...

I would never have found your blog without Pinterest. Your choice but it seems extreme. BTW the code is working.

A Handful of Honey said...

How do you get your designs copied onto the fabric?