Thursday, October 12, 2017

I've hit the jackpot!

and by jackpot, I meant to say that I have now chipped my way through a bunch of client quilts, and now am taking some time to work on one of my own projects! I have been quilting on this quilt since about March, but now is the time to seriously wrap this up!

Let me show some of the things I have done the last couple of weeks.

This quilt is very different for me, but Jean is a long time client of mine from CA, and despite it being outside my box (OK, it's outside the box, down the road, and over the cliff from my normal wheelhouse!), I wanted to do my best to give "Katrina" what she deserved!  This is an original design that the maker will be teaching soon. 
Here's a closeup... It was really kind of fun once I bot into the quilt. I double batted it with wool, and quilted it with Madiera Monolon clear nylon thread.  The border has a taupe thread.  The clear thread enabled me to go beside the embroidery and not have it show.  Out on the ivory background, it just looks like ivory thread. I call this a win-win!  On a separate note, keep my client Jean in your good thoughts. She is from Napa, and must be very nervous with the fires in that area of CA.  I just cannot imagine.
The next three are by a MA client. This is a beautiful baby quilt. It is so simple, yet so sweet.  The quilting just brings it alive. Each heart block is quilted continuously with one start and stop.  This includes the ditch stitching on the block, the applique and the feathering!
All of Denise's quilts had blank white backings, to show off the quilting!

She was on a heart-roll.  There was a wall-hanging too.  I double batted it with wool, and quilted with a 40wt Glide thread.  Most is ivory, but there is also a gold used on the colored squares.  She requested a simple custom.
 I finished her last quilt today - an easy edge-to-edge.  The piecing is textbook flat, perfect borders.  Her work is enjoyable to quilt because there are no issues.  This has such lovely colors on the vintage reproduction fabrics.

I am at a point where I am working on some of my own tasks.  I do have a few openings, maybe a dozen, for edge-to-edge quilting between now and about December 10.  They will be quilted before the holidays.  Just email if you want to secure one of these spots.

Have a great week!


Michelle said...

Wow! The quilts are so beautiful and the machine quilting is out of this world!! Denise is my sister and has always done beautiful handwork and machine piecing and since we live so far from each other it isn't often that I get to see her finished quilts. - thanks so much for posting the pictures! Michelle (Calgary, Alberta Canada)

kupton52 said...

All of these are quilted gorgeously...there's simply no other word that fits. The first quilt is amazing---bizarre yet with a tender kind of beauty...a great Halloween quilt. The baby quilt is super sweet. I love how you quilted the hearts...simple yet elegant...lucky baby! The other quilts are equally beautiful...the piecing looks superb but your quilting really takes them to the next level. I so look forward to your posts...exquisite photos.