Friday, April 06, 2018

Baby quilt in the interim

I finished these two quilts a couple weeks ago. They just went home to CA.  Others have been done since, but I realized that I never posted them. It must be a new pattern because I have spied at least 5 other people making this same cute pattern recently.
 They are quilted similarly, but not quite the same.
 This first has a double continuous curve and "x" design in the pieced squares. There are flowy feathers around mom and baby elephant.
The second has an argyle pattern quilted in the plaid. Sometimes utilizing the design of the fabric is all you need to do. I put a swirly all-over design on the squares just to keep it different from the other quilt.
 Instead of stipples, there are vertical lines around the feathers.
Next week, I am teaching at MQX in Manchester, NH. This is my "home show", being just a mere 90 minutes from home. I have a few openings in some of my classes still. This promises to be a fantastic show of quilts, with 275 competition quilts. I also have a 20 piece exhibition of my quilts spanning the last 25 years. Sixteen are competitive show quilts from 2011 to present. If you are anywhere near NH, this will be your only opportunity to see all my pieces together (and the show itself will blow your mind...guaranteed!). Here's the details

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