Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Miniature Booty Quilt Arrives

Bernadette from Australia sent me this as a part of Toni's Miniature Booty Swap. I was fearing that my quilt might be lost in the mail as it was late, but it arrived on the weekend with a few goodies. She sent several Cadbury bars, which of course we can buy here, but what was fun was they all had indiginous Australian animals on the wrappers...wombats, kangaroos, platypus, etc. My kids loved that (naturally I had already eaten the chocolate!!) She also sent a piece of the fabric I show below that has some of the same animals. This will be most fun to use on a Project Linus quilt. Many thanks Bernadette!
Bernadette claims to be a novice piecer, despite being a professional long-arm quilter. The shot below shows how nice her great equipment can make uniform feathers. I only wish the thread didn't blend so well so that you could see them better. The pictures on her blog are a little better than mine. You can also see the awesome quilt that Rose Marie sent her for this swap - I just love that one!
I got around to hanging a few quilts I received over the summer yesterday. These are all very bright, and though I like them all a lot, I just didn't really know where to put them. Orange is just not my color, and does not really go with my home's decor. I actually wear plenty of orange in the summer; I just tend to decorate in the jewel tones (deep cranberry, purple, various shades of green, etc.). With all three quilts together, the orange seems less bold, and they go together nicely. I had a hard time getting a good shot as this is in my narrow hall/stairway. I am nearing the point when I know my husband will want to know "just how many more quilts will I be hanging on the walls?..."
left-to-right: Bernadette's Booty 2 quilt, Emma's Plant in Full Sun from 4SQS Summer, and the Spring Fling Round Robin 1 quilt.


Anonymous said...

You know..I love orange! The quilting is gorgeous on you new quilt! When will your daughter be wearing her new dress? (I can't remember if it was for a special occassion?)

Rose Marie said...

Love the quilt that Bernadette sent to you .... and thank you for your comment about my quilt that I made for her! Your quilts look great all together and it looks like you have plenty of room for more!

Bernadette said...

Thanks for the kind comments, I finally got around to posting you a comment as I have dial up it takes forever for me to leave comments at times! I just feel I need to correct something, I don't claim to be a novice piecer just not a very accurate machine piecer and I don't have a computerised long arm so it's actually me that makes the feathers uniform (and lots and lots of practise). I love the quilts you make and show on your blog, just lovely.