Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty Little Dresses

I have been playing with the fabrics I showed last time, making a couple of blocks for my daughter's twin bed quilt (to be finished next year sometime). I want it to be super feminine, colorful, flirty and fun. I saw this dress pattern done recently, and drew up my own pattern for one. These blocks are not finished, but you can get the idea. I will be adding an embroidered hanger (as I have seen Louise do recently), and embroidery detailing on the dresses. This is a bed quilt design in progress, so I have not decided if I want all 18 blocks on the quilt to be dresses (all different, but same general shape, idea, etc), or if I want to vary the block designs to include dresses, large dahlia-style flowers, and a few other things I have in mind. To applique 18 of these would certainly take a while (about 2 hours each block since my stitches are very tiny so that quilt will withstand the rigors of a child)! Any cute ideas from my readers???

yes, I know the collar is a tad wonky. Oddly, I am not too bothered by this.
Boy, I love those Lakehouse Dry Goods cherries!!
Here's a peek at a quilt I whipped up in the last week. It is a Secret Santa mini. I'm just cursing myself for forgetting to embroider the partridge's comb atop of his head!! I may also add some Swarovski crystals to the tree for a tad of holiday shimmer. I really love the fabrics, and my design concept came out well, I think. I believe that the end recipient will like it.


Anonymous said...

The little dresses are very cute, I wouldn't know where to start with embellishments. They look great already!

Gina said...

Love the dresses. You could use rick rack on some of them to make them different, or a bit of lace around the collar.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Lily Mulholland said...

Love the fabrics in both projects! You could make some cute little pockets for some of the dresses too (although that's more applique!)