Friday, October 17, 2008

Very cryptic Sneak Peeks my ALQS quilt for my secret partner. I really was going to not post anything until after I sent the quilt, but hey, I couldn't resist. It only has a label left to attach. I hope she likes what I have made. In all respects, I have kept with my belief: make something you love, and it will be appreciated in return (I hope). I love the colors, and the concept. I really wish this was mine :-(((

I entitled this quilt "Believe". It (as you probably can infer) has a holiday sceene, evoking many of the dreamy memories from my childhood. As a very long-time believer in Santa Claus and the total magic of Christmas, the title just seemed appropriate.

But as you can see, I have Photoshopped the pictures a little to both blur the details and to erase the items which I have incorporated to personalize the quilt for the new recipient. Boo'll have to wait another week or two until the quilt is received. I'll probably mail it this coming Tuesday. It has hand applique, lots of piecing, little embroidery, little beading, and machine quilting.
I'm sure you can tell from the "peeks" that it is a holiday sceene. I know, I know...we weren't supposed to do anything of this topic, but I had this idea well before the swap, and figured it would be well received. I can always include return postage in case she just wants to return it to me (but I'll be she'll just be pocketing the $$).

And so, this quilt may just be your's if you Believe.


black bear cabin said...

i want to see more !!
i bet this is absolutely gorgeous in person!
Ill keep my eye out for it :) ehehhehe
its lovely!

Holly said...

If your swap partner doesn't want it, I'd give my left arm just to be able to own this quilt! I can already tell how gorgeous it is just from your sneak peeks! Can't wait to see the big reveal!

Two Cheese Please

Kate North said...

I'm sure she'll love it... And of course, the rule about avoiding holiday quilts can be bent as appropriate, especially in cases where you know enough about your partner from her blog, etc to judge - I trust you to judge it right! (And you can add me to the list of people you can sent the quilt to if she doesn't like it...)

Emma said...

Ha HA! It's MINE! All mine! You had me thrown with the return postage, 'cos I figured it was staying within the States. I LOVE it! Thank you!!!